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Message from the ICDE 2011 Program Chairs and General Chairs

The 2011 edition of the IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering is being held in the city of Hannover, Germany from March 11th to 16th. Since 1984, ICDE has established itself as a premier forum in the area of data management, providing a unique opportunity for database researchers, users, practitioners, and developers to exchange new ideas, approaches, and methodologies.

The ICDE 2011 program is composed of the traditional elements: invited keynote talks, research and industrial paper sessions, demonstrations, seminars, panels, and accompanying workshops.

We are fortunate to have three distinguished keynote speakers, Anastasia Ailamaki (EPFL), Johannes Gehrke (Cornell University) and Georg Gottlob (Oxford University), to share their perspectives on the state of database industry and research. ICDE 2011 received 491 research manuscripts, 26 industrial contributions, and 67 demo proposals, for a total of over 584 submissions. This is a gratifyingly large number considering the global recession. Moreover, it is a testament to our community's high regard for ICDE, and we thank all authors for submitting their innovative work to the conference.

To facilitate selection of research papers, we organized the program committee into 17 topic-based tracks. Each track was headed by a vice-chair who formed a committee to evaluate the papers assigned to that track. This resulted in a research program committee consisting of almost 206 members in total, with an average review load of around 8 papers. The evaluation process consisted of three distinct phases: initial reviews of the papers by PC members, author responses to these reviews, and finally, PC's discussion and fine-tuning of the reviews.

The research program features 98 papers that will be presented in 22 minute slots. The industrial program includes 8 submitted papers and 2 invited paper. In addition, 21 demonstration proposals were selected for presentation to the conference audience. All research and industrial track papers will be displayed in three plenary poster sessions, a repeat of the successful experiment conducted by ICDE 2009 in Shanghai, China.

In addition to the paper sessions and demonstrations, the conference program includes 6 tutorials (2 of 3 hours and 4 of 1.5 hours) selected from 17 submissions. It also includes 2 panels on topics of current interest to the data engineering community. Accompanying the main conference are 7 workshops, 4 preceding the conference, and 3 following the conference. To provide a forum for student participants to share their thesis research, there is also a PhD Workshop, which partially overlaps the program.

The success of ICDE 2011 is a result of collegial teamwork from many individuals, who worked tirelessly to make the conference a top research forum. We acknowledge and thank the sterling endeavors of Surajit Chaudhuri and Volker Markl (Industrial Chairs), Kevin C. Chang and Dean Jacobs  (Demo Chairs), Nikos Mamoulis and Pierre Senellart (Seminar Chairs), Patrick Valduriez (Panel Chair), Kevin S. Beyer and Sunil Prabhakar (Workshop Chairs), and Erich J. Neuhold and Wolf Siberski (PhD Workshop Chairs), and the organizers of the accompanying workshops. We also express our deep appreciation of the outstanding work put in over many months by Thomas Risse (Local Organization and Finance Chair), Wolf-Tilo Balke (Publicity Chair), and Klemens Böhm (Proceedings Chairs). Without their tireless efforts, this conference would not have been a success. We are also thankful to the many student volunteers from Leibniz University Hannover and L3S Research Center.

In addition, there are many other individuals whose contributions we warmly acknowledge. We benefited greatly from the sage advice provided by Paul Larson, our ICDE Steering Committee Liaison, Calton Pu, ICDE Steering Committee Chair and General Chair of ICDE 2006, Umeshwar Dayal and Vassilis Tsotras General Co-Chairs of ICDE 2010 and Christof Boernhoevd, Financial Chair of ICDE 2010. We also thank the Microsoft CMT team for their ready assistance and quick replies to our multitude of requests.

We warmly acknowledge the financial support of our corporate sponsors: Microsoft (at the platinum level); IBM and HP (at the silver level); Google and Yahoo! Labs (at the bronze level). We also like to thank the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft for their support of the conference. We thank the Klaus Tschira Stiftung for a generous grant that enabled us to provide support for 20 Ph.D. students to attend the conference.

Finally, we thank all the authors, presenters, and participants of the conference. We hope all of you enjoy the conference! This edition of ICDE shows that data engineering continues to be a thriving and vibrant discipline!


Serge Abiteboul (INRIA, France)
Christoph Koch (Cornell University, USA)
Kian-Lee Tan (NSU, Singapore)

ICDE 2011 PC Chairs


Alfons Kemper (TU München, Germany)
Wolfgang Nejdl (Leibniz Universität, and L3S Research Center, Hannover, Germany)

ICDE 2011 General Chairs