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Travel Information


Travellers from some countries will need to obtain a visa before they will be able to enter Germany. Information on who must acquire a visa, and the procedures for doing so, are available from the Federal Foreign Office here.

About Hannover

There is scarcely any other city that can offer such diverse and attractive leisure amenities as Hannover, the capital of the State of Lower Saxony. You can stroll through the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen or enjoy the unbridled greenery of the Eilenriede city forest; while the Maschsee Lake has a Mediterranean feeling that visitors revel in. The meadowlands along the River Leine entice ramblers and cyclists to explore their wide expanses. And all these things are to be found right in the heart of the city. At the same time, the surrounding Hannover Region offers a wealth of tourist highlights such as Lake Steinhude, the Deister Hills, the world cultural heritage sites Goslar and Hildesheim or the charming Burgdorfer Land.

Traveling To, From and Within Hannover

Hannover is easily reachable by plane – there are regular flights by Lufthansa, Swiss, AirFrance or KLM between major European cities (London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich, Zürich, Bruxelles, Vienna, Moscow, Istanbul, …) and Hannover Airport.

In addition, Hannover is the centre of the German Railway system, with good and fast connections in all directions. The airports of Frankfurt and Düsseldorf are directly connected by train with Hannover.

The city centre is easily reachable from the airport. Every half an hour there is a train from the airport to the city centre – travel time about 25 minutes. In addition, taxis are waiting in front of the airport.

Due to clever planning, traffic to and from and within Hannover is surprisingly well-organized and mostly free of traffic jams. Thanks to the investments during the Expo 2000, the metro connections in Hannover are excellent and up-to-date.